• What is the franchise fee?
    $15,000 for Semi, $10,000 for WW and $17,500 for store front.

  • What is the ongoing royalty?
    Only 4.5% of weekly sales.

  • What is your Marketing/Advertising Royalty?
    0 for now but we will implement at the right time for all

    How do I find out if I can operate a trailer in my town?
    Contact your local zoning department first. Each community will have different rules and regulations and different structures as to how these are administered. A general rule is to start with the smallest government organization and work your way up through county and then state agencies. Your local offices will likely be able to point you in the right direction. In addition to the zoning department you will want to find out who has jurisdiction for your health & fire safety codes and contact those offices.

  • How do I know ZooHoo’s is for me?
    Have you been searching for the right opportunity? Do you see yourself as someone who will succeed at what they do no matter what? You know this will work and with this cost you know you can get in.

  • What level of capital is required?
    Liquid Cash Investment range of $20,000 to $45,000

  • What type of locations work best?
    We look for large lunch populations for our semi-permanent trailers as well as high weekend/holiday tourism traffic found in resort communities. For our smaller mobile trailers we look for college campuses, medical centers, box store lots and strip plazas.

  • How do I get my trailer?
    After a successful closing, simply show up for your training at ZooHoo U and pick-up your keys. You will need a high enough horsepower vehicle to tow your new trailer to your business location. You may also make arrangements to have delivered direct to site.

  • How will ZooHoo’s Eatery support me?
    We provide you with a complete, proven business system that starts when you sign your Franchise Agreement. We take you through the site development and support you through the grand opening and beyond. Our franchisees are our most important asset. ZooHoo’s continued assistance and service is reflected in the success of our franchisees.

  • Do I need prior food experience?
    Although our training is thorough we recommend a good food experience background. A substantial management or small business ownership background is of equal value.

  • Does ZooHoo's grant multi-unit territories?
    Sure do! In fact, we encourage it. Having one central commissary and operating 2 to 4 units within a city will provide significant volume for one operator.

  • Do you provide financing?
    We have a list of 3rd party leasing agents.

  • How long will my franchise last?
    Your agreement is for 10 years for a semi-permanent model.

  • I’m interested. What now?
    Complete our application, and fax it back to (802)464-0115. We’ll show you the road to success.

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